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Although it’s fair to say that mirrorless cameras are getting all of the attention of late, it remains true that there’s still a pretty large market for those who prefer working with a traditional DSLR. 

Happily for those people, there’s still a good amount of choice on the market, depending on what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a beginner, at the very start of your photography career, or a working professional, you can find something to suit your needs. In fact, if your budget is tight, you’ll arguably find much better choice in the DSLR market where the technology is older and more established.

When it comes to picking a “best” single DSLR, it’s no easy feat. No two consumers have exactly the same needs, and a professional level DSLR will be complete overkill for the novice. If however you sit somewhere between the two and are looking for a good all-purpose all-rounder, our favourite remains the Nikon D500. 

There have not been too many new DSLRs of late, but one which made its debut and also fits the category of great “all-rounder” is the Canon EOS 90D. For those just starting out, the Canon EOS 250D is worth checking out, too, while the older Nikon D5600 is a bit of a bargain right now.


When you’re first thinking of a DSLR, you might want to consider what it is you want to achieve with your photography. Maybe you’re thinking about trading up from a compact camera or a smartphone because you want to get a bit more serious about your photography. In which case, an entry-level DSLR can really help boost your skills. 

Maybe you’ve already been using a DSLR for some time and feel ready to make the next step. In which case, take a look at mid-range options which give you more space to grow and will elevate your photography even further. 

If you’re a working professional, or just a high-level enthusiast, you’ll want the ultimate camera which offers both fantastic high image quality as well as great usability. 

If you’re a beginner, take a look at cameras like the Canon EOS 800D, and the Nikon D5600. There’s also the newer Canon EOS 250D. All of these models give you a good balance of giving you much better image quality than your phone can muster, while hopefully not being too overwhelming when you’re just at the beginning of your photography journey. 

Perhaps you want something a bit more complicated. Have a look at the Nikon D500, Canon EOS 7D Mark II and the Canon EOS 90D. These are superb all-rounders which can handle different kinds of subject – perfect for the hobbyist. If you want to consider diverting from the two big hitters, take a look at the Pentax KP – particularly if you have a loft full of old glass available to use.

Full-frame DSLRs are generally found in the professional category, but for the enthusiast you have the option of the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. If you want the best of the best, look towards the Nikon D850, which after several years on the market is still the one to beat. There’s also the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, or possibly the Sony A99 II, too.

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