How To Work On Neobux

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Firstly register on Neobux.

Before started working on Neobux, remember you can earn on PTC sites only if you have PATIENCE in you as initially you will not get much money through this so the chances are you may fed up after few days and stop working on it, but trust me if you will keep on working after few months you will make huge money out of it. There are many Neobux users who are making 100–200$ and even more per day and its for real.

So, Let Us Know How to Work:

Everyday Neobux will offer you 15–25 adds to view and you will get 0.001$, 1 Neopoint and 4 bonus AdPrize adds, for each add you view. View all the adds and after this view all the Adprize adds as through this you may win prizes like 50$, 10$, 5$, 2$, 1$ , 0.5$, 0.25$, and also 10, 100, 1000 , 10000 Neopoints and even Golden membership ( initially you are a Standard member and the golden membership have some extra benefits like more money for viewing same advertisement and many more. ). For the first 15 days follow the same pattern.

Neobux Advertisement

After 15 days of your joining, Neobux will generate a referral links and banners for you. Now its the time you can earn more money via direct referrals. Direct Referral are people like us who will join Neobux under your referral link or your user and you will get some money when they will click on adds on daily basis. To get direct referrals, you can tell your friends and your relatives about this and send them your referral link so that they can join Neobux using your link.

Referral Link

As getting direct referrals is not an easy job so you can also rent referrals on Neobux. To rent 3 referrals for a month you have to pay 0.6$ i.e 0.2$ for each. Neobux gives more money for rented referrals then the direct referrals clicks. Also you can rent referral even from first day of joining Neobux so i would suggest you to rent first three referrals whenever you will have 0.8$ in your main balance( i.e 0.6$ to purchase and 0.2$ to maintain them). What ever you will spend in renting referrals, you will get three times of that amount in a month and your own clicks, earning from direct referrals and prizes from AdPrizes are additional.

Renting Refellars

Keep on renting the referrals until you have 300 rented referrals which is a limit for a standard Member. At this point, just maintain your referrals i.e recycle the non active referrals who don’t click adds for last 7 day, with the new one. It will cost only 0.07$ or 93 neopoints, I’ll suggest you to use neopoints for this recycling process.

Referrals history

Now whenever you will have 90$ or 30,000 neopoints purchase, Golden membership. There are various benefits of this golden membership like double money for clicks and double commission from referrals, lower renting and recycling prize, can rent 2000 referrals and many more.

Membership earning chart

The point when you have you will have 2000 rented referrals with golden membership you will earn 80 – 100$ per day. After this you can even earn more than this if you will upgrade membership to ultimate, infact there is no limit to earn on Neobux, but as i mentioned earlier the only thing require for this is Patience.

To join Neobux Click here.

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